Saturday, April 18, 2009

Glass Table Shattering Mystery

Well, I was just sitting downstairs reading and all of a sudden I heard a loud glass breaking sound upstairs. I quickly ran upstairs to see what happened. And here in these photos are the results. Our glass table just shattered to pieces. Nothing even fell on it. Seriously! So it is still a mystery as to how it happened.

Then we looked up glass shattering and found out that lots of glass tables can do this for no reason. Maybe they have a little scratch here and there and then all of a sudden they just shatter to pieces! It is so horrible. I am so glad no one got hurt, too. I never would have ever thought that would happen. It was a thick piece of tempered glass on top of this table, too. The benefit of the tempered glass had the pieces of glass not being as sharp as just regular non-tempered glass would have been.

It took me quite a long while to clean up this mess! So weird these kinds of things can happen! Anyone with little kids need to certainly not have these kinds of tables in their houses. Well, any adults for that matter as well. Better to stick with wood. I just am so glad that no one got hurt. And I got this at a yard sale of a family with little children, so I am so glad it didn't happen to them because if it would have happened around little kids they really could have gotten hurt.